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August 24, 2022
7 min read
By Chelsea Faith
Our First Chapter

Who We Are

At Tatem, we’re building a revolutionary task and project management platform designed to make work fun! We know what you’re thinking... make work... fun? While it may sound like an impossible task, we’re confident that today - mere months after inception - we’re well on our way to re-designing your work.

By stripping out the bloated UI, early-2000’s design sensibilities, and unnecessary complexity, we’ve created an unrivaled user experience. And we’re just getting started. We’re building automated workflows, meaningful metrics, and gamified systems which allow teams to save time, better understand their performance, and make tasks something to look forward to.

Our product began as a tool for teams to manage their compliance, but it quickly morphed into a platform to manage everything. Now, we have teams (and individuals) using our product to:

falseBuild businesses and organizations

falseImprove existing technology products and services

falseTrack software issues and bugs

falseArchitect crypto [insert web 3.0 jargon that no one really understands] platforms

falseManage content writing and press releases

falseLead a non-profit organization

falseKeep track of daily sales and marketing tasks

false“Design the future” (we don’t know what they’re doing either)

We cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that are built, managed, and improved with Tatem. Our vision is to empower businesses and organizations around the world with radically simple software that teams don’t just tolerate, they love.

While it’s no secret that the productivity category is filled with longstanding contenders, we’re confident that as more teams try our revolutionary approach to task and project management, they’ll realize there’s a better way.

Why Now

Founded at the tail end of a global pandemic that redefined work around the world, there’s never been a greater need to engage employees. Globally, businesses are facing new challenges as they struggle to maintain productivity without the benefits of in-person interaction.

As a hybrid team ourselves, we know this problem well. Teams are more efficient using Tatem because we designed it from the ground up with three key goals in mind: make it so simple that a tutorial isn’t even required, include innovative new features that redefine what a task management platform even is, and make the overall experience magical so that people actually enjoy using our product.

The Road Ahead

“It’s crazy that we spend hours at work each day using products that are tolerable at best. Our vision is to create productivity software that is so loved by customers, they look forward to using it. Caffeinated Capital, Signia Venture Partners, and The House Fund recently led our $2.5 million seed round which provides the capital required to turn our vision into reality.” - Chris LaFerla, Founder & CEO at Tatem

We’re excited to get more teams using Tatem. We’ve seen it completely revolutionize productivity for our customers, and even our own team. We get more done using Tatem, and we’re passionate about unlocking that value for others. We want you to love your work, because when you love your work, you never really work at all.

If you’re reading this and would like to give Tatem a try, do it! We promise you won’t regret it. Here’s to a better, more enjoyable way to work.

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