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A system that fits you.

Tasks, project, and teams: a simple, but powerful combination.

Task Fundamentals

Getting the basics right.Be as specific or broad as your like. Set the status, customize tags, and even add subtasks. Repeat (and duplicate) tasks. Share a like, comment, or review - in just seconds.

Custom views.Switch between list, grid, timeline, calendar, and Kanban views to get your best angle.

Rich-text editor.Customize text with formatting, videos, images, links, and highlights.

Mentions.Get faster feedback when needed. So nothing is lagged behind.

Sort & filter.Find what you’re looking for with our comprehensive sort and filter function.

Subtasks.Break tasks down into smaller steps, or add subtasks for complex projects.

Notifications.Never miss a beat. Notifications delivered to your Tatem account, not your inbox.

And a couple more...

Task assignees.

Assign tasks to the rightful owner.

Bulk edit.

Quickly edit multiple tasks at once using CMD + K.

Recurring tasks.

Set a custom frequency for recurring tasks and projects.

Custom fields.

Update task category, priority, and tags to reflect task importance and station.


Give a thumbs up or reaction on comments for quick replies. Like or react to teammate’s comments, or edit and delete your own.


Grant visibility to teammates by adding them as collaborators or add a teammate or manager to a task to ensure they’re in the loop.

Project & Team

All for one, and one for all.Create and customize teams for seamless collaboration.


Client collaborations.Set membership states and individual projects to ensure everyone works with clarity.

Project scope.Include an overview on projects to provide additional context to team members.

Real time collaboration

The small delights.Tatem improves your experience through the small details. Real time conversations keeps everyone in sync.

  1. Marketing edits approved.
  2. Source more distributers.
  3. Publish new blog post.

Real-Time Sync.Task components are updated instantly, so your team-mates can see the latest change.

Share tasks externally.Share tasks and projects with stakeholders, investors, or clients.

Multi-Browser support.Transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile with responsive design. In any browser.

User Presence.See who’s online for real-time collaboration.

Comments.Give feedback and react to messages in real time. Start your discussion in no time.