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February 10, 2023
Release 24


We added an archive this week, which continues our recent focus on performance. This addresses the slowdown that occurs when there are hundreds (or thousands) of tasks in a single, scrollable page. The archive solves this problem at the root cause by preventing large groups of tasks from aggregating within the “Done” or “Trash” statuses. Instead, tasks are now automatically archived 14 days after completion.

We've also removed the "Trash" status entirely. Now, after deleting a task, the task is moved into the “Recently Deleted” section of the archive. It will remain there for 14 days before being permanently deleted. To access the archive, merely go to the status bar and click on the trash can icon which has a tooltip clearly labeling it as the “Archive.”


  • Reduced lag that occurred when opening a task from the task’s URL

  • Fixed visual bug that impacted the icons within the left navigation menu

  • Updated the empty state informational copy within a task’s comments to “Enter comment here or drag / drop a file to upload...”

  • Squashed several bugs which impacted selecting tasks using the cursor

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