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March 26, 2023
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Command K

Command K, welcome. We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our command menu infrastructure to accommodate the progress we’ve made with keyboard navigation over the past several weeks. Now, every. single. action. can. be. done. using.... Command K!

Ok, that was too many periods, but we really wanted to emphasize what a huge step this is. Want to assign a task? Copy a task’s URL? Copy a task’s ID number? Change the priority for multiple tasks at once? Search for the task you created last week, but can’t find? Switch to dark mode? Or, any other action in Tatem? You can do it, in seconds, with Command K.

In addition to reworking the Command K functionality, we’ve also redesigned the UI for the command menu itself. As with everything we do, we strove to make it as beautiful as it is simple.


  • Fixed a bug which made the tatem.com/brand page horizontally scrollable on mobile devices

  • Removed a link to tatem.com/blog from the top level navigation

  • Made small copy changes to the tatem.com/about page

  • Updated the URL paths for the tatem.com/releases page, as well as for individual releases

  • Changed the look of our social icons on both the tatem.com/about page and on individual blog pages

  • Redesigned the image sizing we use right here on tatem.com/releases

  • Squashed several other small styling bugs on the tatem.com marketing pages

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