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September 20, 2022
Release 04

Custom Categories

One of our most requested features is now live! Users have the ability to customize task categories. This enables teams to tailor Tatem to their specific use case. If new category titles are required (e.g. department, customer name, client file, team member, etc.) users have the option to change them.

Custom Colors for Categories

In addition to custom categories, users can edit the category colors; we’ve even provided the ability to create new colors with hex codes!


Users can now respond to task comments with emojis! Spoiler alert: in a future update, we’ll allow users to quickly add emojis into a description or comment with the “:emoji” functionality.


• Added notification which alerts teams when a new user joins their workspace

• Created method to delete members from a team by hovering over their user icon and clicking “x”

• Fixed bug where tasks with no category would appear when filtering to a specific category

• Fixed several styling bugs

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