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October 13, 2022
Release 07

Duplicate Tasks

Users can now duplicate tasks (with, or without the attached comments of the original task). This can be toggled with the CMD Shift Y keyboard shortcut, or by selecting it from the task’s options dropdown.

After many, many requests to update the onboarding flow for new Tatem users, we’re excited to announce that it’s now much simpler and easier to get through.

Similarly, the forgot password flow has now been updated, making it much easier for users to reset their password.


  • Added CMD Shift X as a keyboard shortcut for “strikethrough” within the description and comment sections

  • Fixed numerous bugs impacting keyboard shortcut performance

  • Corrected a notification flaw which would issue notifications to users for their own actions

  • Included a fix to a regression which showed duplicate entries within a task’s changelog

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