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January 6, 2023
Release 19

Empty Page Tutorials

One large piece of feedback we’ve received is that users new to Tatem are unclear what to do when going to certain pages in our product for the first time. To solve this, we've now added tutorial messages to empty pages. This way, new and existing users alike will always know exactly what they should do next. Now, if a user accesses any page within Tatem, and there is no content, there is a clear message explaining what the page is and what they should (or could) do next. Simplicity is a core value for us, and we’re constantly working to make software that is as powerful as it is approachable.

Updated Modals

We've changed the styling of all modals throughout the product. Now, all modals have a beautiful frosted background which covers everything behind the modal, while still providing a glimpse of the product behind. The copy on all modals has also been updated to be more consistent with the rest of our product marketing.

Grouped Tags

Tags have been grouped together into editable buckets. Previously, there was no way to relate tags to one another. Now, users can select, edit, and/or create tag options directly within the “Add Tags” dropdown. Selecting a tag (or tags) to add to a task has also been greatly simplified as the revised dropdown now presents a clear hierarchy of tag groups → individual tags. As an added bonus, it’s now possible to add multiple tags to a single task. After selecting a tag, the “Add Tags” dropdown re-appears to add another tag.

Back Button

We’ve added a back button throughout the product that appears when it’s needed, and hides when it’s not. It’s minimal, beautiful, and provides an incredible experience for navigating Tatem, especially to those who are new to our product. Give it a try!

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