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December 30, 2022
Release 18

Full Redesign

Without further ado, we are pleased to present the first (public) iteration of Tatem! It’s impossible to individually list out each item that was changed as every portion of the product has now been visually updated. So, go take take a look at the product instead and let us know what you think! Below we'll highlight a couple standouts.

Create Task Modal

There is now a separate modal, and entire experience, for creating tasks. Previously, when a user clicked “Create Task,” the entire task modal would open. Now, a “quick view” create task modal opens which only includes functionality relevant to creating a new task. This provides a cleaner, simpler, and faster experience.

Updated Task modal

The task modal itself has been completely redesigned. It is now a half-screen modal which is uniform throughout the product (when opening an existing task in list view, grid view, or within the notifications page for example, the same task modal opens everywhere). Additionally, there are now fewer buttons and dropdowns to make navigating a task more intuitive. Finally, we’ve also embedded even more keyboard shortcuts into tasks. Users can now enjoy navigating tasks entirely via keyboard.

Left Navigation Menu

The left navigation panel has been completely restructured in terms of both functionality and design. We once again reduced the number of links to further simplify our product, and also majorly overhauled the design.

Projects and Teams Pages

One of the most noticeable updates we’ve made is to Tatem’s Teams and Projects pages. The layout was completely restructured, with a few entirely new additions (like project status, for instance), and the design has been entirely redone as well. One of the largest experience upgrades is to how users are invited. Instead of having to add new workspace members first to the workspace and then again to a team or project, members can now be conveniently added directly to a team or project.

Settings Pages

Last but not least, all settings-related pages have been completely overhauled. The layout is much more intuitive and each sub-page is organized to provide clarity on where to find certain settings or options (e.g. “Appearance” and “Customization” have been separated into individual tabs. The former is dedicated to visual appearance settings related for an individual user's Tatem instance, and the latter is dedicated to customization settings for an entire organization's workspace. Within the new “Billing” page, usage metrics are now visible which bring added clarity to pricing and upgrades.

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