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August 29, 2022
Release 02

Full Width Grid

We’ve re-structured our grid to better take advantage of screen real estate on large monitors. Now, our product scales visually without including large white bars on the sides of the display. This is a big update for those who use external monitors, as our previous grid produced a less-than-ideal experience.

Responsive Design

In addition to better utilizing screen real estate on laptops and desktops, we are excited to announce that our product is now fully responsive across mobile and tablet devices. This is a huge push, and ensures that Tatem users are truly able to get their work done anywhere, directly on mobile web. No app required.

Comments and Task Log

The comment and automated status update section on our tasks has been redesigned. Adding context, replying to a colleague’s question, or tagging a teammate are now joyful, modern experiences. Based on initial feedback, it appears that users want to see the comments and automated status updates split into their own sections. We’ll push this change in a future update.


• Added the ability for a user to filter by “None” for each option so users can more easily find unassigned tasks, untagged tasks, etc.

• Updated sort functionality to include the ability to sort by ascending or descending (the current selection is denoted by the up / down arrow next to the selected sort option in the dropdown)

• Created a “First Task” for all new users, which will serve as the first iteration of our tutorial

• Removed four different UI bugs which impacted the styling of various components

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