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April 5, 2023
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Keyboard Navigation Updates

We’ve built a full tutorial showing users how to navigate Tatem, faster, using our native keyboard shortcuts. Our goal was to create a video-game-inspired tutorial that felt fun, all on its own. We hope we hit the mark, and that new users will have their first magical encounter with Tatem as they work through it.

The “View” dropdown menu is now entirely keyboard navigable. Press “V” to open the “View” menu, use arrow keys to move the cursor, and press “Enter” to select / un-select properties from tasks (don't worry, you can restore the default view at any time). As a reminder, use “Command + B” to switch between list and grid view instantly (no need to even open the “View” menu).  

The “Create Task” modal has also received the full keyboard navigation treatment. Users can now press “Tab” and “Shift Tab” to cycle forwards and backwards through each item on the “Create Task” modal. To select / deselect each item, simply press “Enter.” Finally, all Tatem keyboard shortcuts now work within the “Create Task” modal as well (”A” for Assignee, “Shift S” for Status, “P” for Priority, etc).


  • Built the groundwork for our new onboarding flow, which we’ll launch shortly as we begin onboarding more users from the waitlist

  • Integrated Stripe to enable monetization features

  • Updated the colors for "Due Date" tags on tasks to make late and overdue tasks stand out more

  • Fixed several bugs impacting keyboard navigation

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