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November 3, 2022
Release 10

Keyboard Shortcut Updates

We’ve been busy (and are still busy) building out keyboard shortcuts! As of now, many of them are live and users can do virtually anything in Tatem with just a few keyboard strokes. Check out the full list of shortcuts in the bottom, left-hand corner of the product or by toggling Shift /.

Users can now easily navigate their way through tasks using Tab to move forward through status buckets (e.g. “Idea” to “To Do”) or Shift Tab to move backwards (e.g. “Done” to “Review”). Then, the user can navigate using the up / down / right / left arrow keys and open a task with Enter or go back / close the task with Esc.

To help teach users about our new keyboard shortcuts, tooltips are now listed on the top or left-hand navigation menus. Curious what the shortcut is to go to the “Projects” page? Simply hover over it to reveal the keyboard shortcut, G → P.


  1. Updated the style and functionality of the deletion modal throughout the product

  2. Fixed a bug which prevented users from entering the name of a team within the team deletion modal

  3. Corrected a small problem which would occur when copying and pasting large font sizes and pasting them into the description

  4. Included a small fix for problems that occurred for Windows, Firefox users upon signup

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