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January 13, 2023
Release 20

Navigation Visual Feedback

Previously, if a user navigated Tatem via arrow keys and added one of the tasks to the multi-select list by pressing “X” on their keyboard, the task would be highlighted in a light shade of blue. However, if they continued to navigate via arrow keys and selected other tasks this way, the user would no longer be able to determine which task was currently selected. To fix this, we've added navigation-specific visual feedback throughout the entire product. Now, there is a monochromatic line that outlines wherever the cursor is.

Updated Multi-Select Modal

The multi-select modal has been visually updated, and now includes added functionality for a user to change the associated project for multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, now a user can press the “Command” button on the multi-select modal or press “Command + K” via their keyboard when multiple tasks are selected for bulk actions such as changing assignee, priority, or status.

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