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January 27, 2023
Release 22

New Marketing Pages

Our full marketing page redesign solved two big problems for us. First, our website is objectively better and has been a huge hit with everyone we’ve gotten feedback from. Second, we’re finally not ashamed to tell our friends and family that we work at Tatem. The prior website was so non-representative of our brand, product, and vision, that we would cringe whenever someone we knew asked for a link to Tatem. This week, we’re expanding on our redesigned website by launching several new marketing pages:

  1. Beliefs: Check out our team’s beliefs on the future of software, how to build a business (or anything really), and what a high-performance culture looks like.

  2. Brand: For the first time ever, we’re publicly sharing the inspiration for our name and logo!

  3. Writing: We’ve provided an overview of how we write at Tatem. It’s such a big part of our brand and strategy that we thought our copywriting deserved its own page.

  4. Careers: We’re not actively hiring for any roles at the moment, but be sure to check back regularly for opportunities to join our team.

  5. About: Learn about our vision, team, culture, history, and more. For all things Tatem, now and in the future, visit our about page.


  • Fixed numerous visual inconsistencies throughout the updated marketing pages

  • Deleted our contact and press pages as the information was redundant due to our new About and Brand pages

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