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September 7, 2022
Release 03

Notifications and Status Bar Update

We’ve completely rebuilt the way that notifications and status updates (on tasks) are generated for users. Originally, there were a lot of structural inefficiencies and limitations to how these were designed. We wanted to provide a better experience for our users, so we essentially started from scratch. Now, notifications and status updates are consistently generated, MECE, and quick to read at a glance.

Changes Saved

A big piece of feedback we received from users was that they weren’t sure if their changes on a task had been saved or not. More specifically, when a new user created a task, they didn’t feel confident that it had been saved. As a result, we built an automated notifier on tasks which lets users know changes are saved.

Comments and Task Changelog

As touched on in our last release, users quickly provided feedback that they would like to see the Comments and Changelog (FKA “Task Log”) sections on a task split apart. Just a week later and we’ve already made the change. Now, there are separate sections on tasks for comments and status updates.


• Added a tooltip on comments with likes so users can see who liked the comment

• Included ability for users to change the name of projects within “Member Permission”

• Created individual reset buttons for filters so users don’t need to always fully reset their filter options

• Revised how attachments look and feel when added to a task to better align with our design

• Fixed a bug where hitting Command + Enter within the Comments section would add a row

• Removed a big bug in the onboarding flow which took users to a prior version of our onboarding funnel

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