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March 3, 2023
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Performance Improvements

This past week, we spent most of our energy making small performance improvements, squashing bugs, and improving Tatem’s core user experience. There are still some rough edges within the product, but we’re hard at work creating a seamless, magical experience.


  • Fixed the bugs resulting from last week’s upgrade to React 18 as the switch caused numerous breaking changes

  • Improved pagination within notifications, which increased the speed of browsing for long lists of notifications

  • Updated the drag-select feature, which has been a bit buggy over the past week since switching to React 18

  • Fixed header alignment, making a 1px adjustment to the sidebar header to ensure a lineup with the main page header

  • Updated the styling of the code snippet and color picker for custom categories

  • Fixed the disappearing archive button so that it correctly shows on the status row

  • Updated notification tooltips so that they’re no longer cut off by the divider

  • Removed the ‘Trash’ status bucket as the associated code no longer exists

  • Fixed the bug causing the three-dot dropdown layering that hid the row in list view

  • Fixed a bug that hindered users from pressing ‘Enter’ or ‘Escape’ within dropdowns

  • Enabled users to highlight a task using ‘X’

  • Removed a line separator visual flaw on the projects page on staging

  • Fixed a regression which caused visual flaws to scrollbars within dropdowns

  • Fixed the bug that caused tags and calendar dropdowns to all open simultaneously instead of one-by-one

  • Made numerous style updates in addition to all the bugs we fixed

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