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March 23, 2023
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Public and Private Teams and Projects

Public and private teams and projects are finally here! We observed a clear pain point that existed when users tried to invite their organization to their Tatem workspace. Further, users struggled to add teammates to their teams and projects within Tatem. Now, we’ve designed a seamless, simple, and secure permissions system for organizations large and small.

For public teams and projects, workspace members can join without approval. For private teams and projects, workspace members can request to join, but must be approved by an existing team or project member prior to being accepted. We even support private tasks for those that want to add personal or non-work-related tasks to their organization’s workspace, privately.

Finally, we’ve added a new “Browse Teams” menu which allows workspace members to view and join teams (or request to join, if the team is private). Collaboration is in our DNA, and we’re excited to continue redefining what simplicity means for collaborative tools.


  • Updated the styling for our @ mentions dropdown

  • Fixed several bugs impacting @ mentions

  • Revised the way we handle dropdown navigation via keyboard to be more seamless

  • Squashed several bugs which were created by our recent URL schema update

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