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November 10, 2022
Release 11

Quick View

For a Quick View on tasks, users can simply hover over a task with their mouse (or navigate to a task with their keyboard) and press and hold the Space Bar. This will toggle a small task modal to appear at the top-right of the screen providing info on the task without fully opening the task. If a user clicks the Space Bar, it will toggle the Quick View for any task hovered / selected until the user clicks the Space Bar again.

Based on (a lot of) user feedback, we’ve created completely new UX flows for creating teams and projects, as well as new user onboarding.

The invite modal for new team members has been redesigned. We’ve added additional functionality (user’s can now select which team new users should be invited to), and an improved typing experience (emails are now recognized after hitting the space bar, and it will flag errors if the email is already associated with an active user in the workspace). Additionally, users can now add several users at once by entering multiple.

We’ve updated how user permissions work within Tatem, which makes adding members to teams and projects much easier.


  • Added breadcrumbs for project pages if accessed from the “Projects” page

  • Implemented several changes and improvements to due dates, both visually and functionally

  • Changed the text on the “Referral” page to include our give / get referral bonus during our open alpha

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