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December 16, 2022
Release 16

Revised Tooltip Styling

Keyboard navigation is a central pillar of our product, and we continue to dedicate time to adding functionality for those who are interested in moving through Tatem as fast as possible, or simply prefer their keyboard to their mouse. To make it easier for new users to find, learn, and use shortcuts, we have upgraded all tooltips throughout the product. It is now very clear whether an item has a shortcut, what that shortcut does, and how to activate that shortcut via keyboard.

Dynamic Task Updates

Tasks are now updated across Tatem in real-time! Comments, status changes, task edits, and anything else task related will now be immediately updated for other members of a workspace. This is a huge upgrade! For example, it is now possible for two workspace members to have a concurrent conversation within a task’s comment section.

Custom Task Views

Users can now specify which task items they would like to see while browsing tasks in list or grid view. For example, if an individual doesn’t use or find value in seeing task numbers or labels, they can hide those items from their view.  And, in a matter of seconds, they can re-add them if they choose.

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