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September 29, 2022
Release 05

Task Title Autofocus

Users shared that the task title section was easily overlooked, and as a result, they often entered the task’s title in the description. In our latest update, we fixed this by making it easy to find and delineate sections. Additionally, when a user creates a new task, the cursor autofocuses to the task’s title. Check it out!

We updated the delete modal so that users have the ability to confirm / cancel their decision to delete a task, project, or team. This way, no tasks are accidentally deleted, which occurred frequently with our initial single-click-to-delete functionality.

Users can now include a unicode arrow in the description or comment section by typing "—>" or "->". We even support left-facing arrows by typing “<-”.


  • Fixed a visual flaw which showed certain task elements as list view items, even if the user was in grid view

  • Implemented a fix to a bug which hid the option to delete a task while in dark mode

  • Fixed a bug with our task URLs which triggered a 404 error page when clicked

  • Removed an additional loading state that could be triggered upon login

  • Made a small correction to the account page so that clicking outside of a dropdown there now closes it as expected

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