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February 23, 2023
Release 26

Universal Dropdowns

We updated all dropdown menus throughout the product to new, universally styled components. This provides a much cleaner, more cohesive experience for users on Tatem. The new dropdown menu applies to: tags, tasks, sort, filter, view, quick edit, resources, task menu dropdowns, and all other dropdowns within Tatem.

Additionally, we further iterated the invite modal from last week. This continues our focus on making the process of joining and inviting members to Tatem a delightful experience.


  • Overhauled our backend to support React 18, which reduces duplicate renders and makes navigation feel more responsive

  • Disabled background scroll on mobile

  • Made quick scrolling for tasks within a project much smoother

  • Updated mini modal overview styling and positioning

  • Changed the project description container to a fixed container, as it was previously resizable

  • Gated Tatem access further by creating an access code which we can trigger to send to users once they are accepted from the waitlist

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