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December 2, 2022
Release 14

Updated Brand Assets (Logo, Wordmark, Favicon, and Colors)

We have made a small, but nonetheless exciting change: updating all Tatem brand assets. Our logo, wordmark, and favicon have all been updated with a more modern and streamlined style. The two objects in our logo have also been re-ordered to better emphasize our logo, which will now be used on its own within our marketing materials and product to represent our brand. Finally, our brand colors have been been greatly refined. Tatem is now primarily monochromatic.

We’re happy to share that new keyboard shortcuts have been added since our last update.

  • Arrow keys now work to seamlessly move between tasks

  • J / K now move down or up within a list (or grid) of tasks. These shortcuts work while a user has a task open as well, and will open the task below or above the currently open task when pressed

  • We’ve added shortcuts for the Sort (S), Filter (F), and View (V) dropdowns to make accessing those dropdown menus faster and available to those who prefer keyboard-only navigation

  • To make it easier to learn new shortcuts or recall existing ones, we’ve put together Keyboard Shortcuts Guide which list all shortcuts throughout our product. It can be accessed by opening the resources menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen (Shift /), and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts. It can also be opened directly by pressing Shift K

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