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March 16, 2023
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URL Paths

Say goodbye to scary-looking Tatem URLs with long, random, unique ids. Today, we’re excited to launch completely overhauled URL paths, which clearly indicate: the workspace a user is in, where a user is at in the product, and which task a user is viewing.

As an example, a hypothetical task URL is now: app.tatem.com/workspace/tasks/task-number/task-name. Not only does this make product navigation much clearer for all users, but sharing task links with your team (or other collaborators) is now 10x better as well.

Finally, to make this possible, each workspace name is now unique and selected during onboarding. Time to claim your Tatem workspace!


  • Added a new button and accompanying modal which allows users to browse and join teams within their workspace

  • Updated tooltip styling across both light and dark mode

  • Created new keyboard shortcut tooltips for the top row of the task modal

  • Included several fixes to workspace and team permissions

  • Fixed a handful of bugs which impacted notifications

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