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How it works

01 Join and grab your personalized link.

Become a Tatem affiliate and earn by sharing the world’s most intelligent email client. Start by signing up yourself and creating your own referral link.

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Share your personal referral link with friends, family, an established audience, and / or online. Every signup from your link will contribute to your reward.

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You'll earn a recurring portion of every person's subscription who signs up for Tatem through your unique referral link. And, you'll earn a big one-time payment for every new affiliate who joins from your link!


The Tatem affiliate and referral program is free to join, and allows you to earn by sharing Tatem with your friends, family, community, or audience.

There are none. Unlike other affiliate and referral programs, you do not need to own / run an active website or have an established audience to join (though we certainly welcome affiliates that do). We believe there are many ways to help spread the word and share Tatem. That said, we review every application individually, the process is competitive, and we offer variable commission rates depending on a variety of factors.

Yes. The Tatem affiliate and referral program is global and we welcome all applications!

We will carefully review your application, and in most cases process your application within 2-3 business days. If your application is approved, then you’ll receive an acceptance email from our team along with tools and tips to help you get started.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we do not reply to every application received. On occasion we will provide feedback on individual applications.

Visit Tatem’s Brand page to ensure you are correctly representing our brand.

No, we’re one of the only available affiliate programs that has no expiration period. If a user converts with your link today, next week, next month, or next year, you’ll still be credited with the conversion.

We offer true recurring commission for every customer you refer. Meaning, for every month that a referred customer is an active, paying customer of Tatem, you will earn a meaningful percentage of their payment to Tatem. We view our affiliates and referrers as an extended part of our team, and we believe the best way to show that is through meaningful financial rewards. We want you to earn as much as possible, and for our affiliate and referral program to be the most profitable available.

To be considered a successful referral, an individual has to access Tatem through your link, sign up with a legitimate email address, send their first email through Tatem Mail, and provide us with their payment details. We reserve the right to reject fraudulent signups.

Your referral will not qualify if the customer:

  • Has previously provided us with their email address
  • Is already a Tatem user
  • Self-referrals (even if you attempt to refer a different email address)

Please contact us at

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