Chapter 01

Born of A Timeless Era

Most of our team was born in the mid 1990’s. If you weren’t born around the same time, I feel sorry for you, because those were amazing years. This was when most Americans experienced the internet for the first time; I’ll never forget the sound of our dial up modem followed by the “you’ve got mail” notification.

While adults were discovering the power of email and the search engine, kids discovered the wonder of online video games for the first time. Everquest, Runescape, and World of Warcraft introduced the magic of connecting online with friends and strangers alike. Few things compare to the glorious sense of adventure, excitement, and accomplishment that we experienced together in those games. It really was a remarkable time.

Chapter 02

The Gateway Drug

As kids, we spent a lot of time playing video games. And when we weren’t playing video games, we were talking to our friends about video games. Though games served as our introduction to computers, our passion soon spread to anything related to technology and the internet. I’ll never forget staying home from school to watch the initial iPhone reveal, buying a Zune (yes, you heard that right) so I could brag to my friends about Microsoft’s new, unlimited music subscription (RIP), or building my first website and constantly refreshing to see if anyone would discover it (spoiler alert: they did not).

Chapter 03

Coming of Age

Eventually, we grew up. We went to college and studied engineering, business, and design, hoping to make our passion our profession. We landed our first jobs in the industry. And then… we realized that work is nothing like what we thought it would be. It was all: “do this,” “don’t do that,” and “definitely don’t think for yourselves.” We dreamt of creating new digital experiences that embodied the delight we experienced as kids in those games. Sadly, we realized that the companies we worked for didn’t share that vision for us. Our rose tinted glasses had officially shattered.

Chapter 04

The Spark

We realized that the corporate grind wasn’t for us. We were creative, entrepreneurial, and wanted to build something new, from the ground up. At first, we didn’t know what we wanted to make. But, we knew that whatever we made, we wanted it to feel as interactive as a video game, as beautiful as a movie, and as simple as an idea. We wanted to bring as much joy as possible into the daily lives of people around the world.

Chapter 05

Our Journey Begins

We believe there’s an incredible opportunity to reimagine the tools we use everyday in our work and life, to make software that isn’t just utilitarian. Right now, we’re stuck with complicated and bland software designed to help us accomplish a task, and nothing more. They can be so much more than that. At Tatem, we’re building tools that beg to be experienced; software that is engaging, collaborative, and just a bit extraordinary.

Chapter 06

Present Day

Even now, the way we bond after work at Tatem isn’t by getting drinks at our local bar; it’s by playing Overwatch, together. This is the embodiment of our vision. Let’s pull the plug on what we’ve come to expect from our tools over the past 20 years. It’s time for a fresh start. It’s time to reboot.

Chapter 07

Ready Player You

We can’t accomplish our vision without you. We hope you’ll give Tatem a try and join us as we work to make your work, and life, feel a bit less like work. We need you. Together, we can build something truly extraordinary.
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