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November 9, 2023← Back to Releases

Attachment Icons

We’ve added beautiful (if we don’t say so ourselves), color-coordinated icons for commonly-sent attachments. This way, you can immediately decipher what type of file is attached to a message. We’ve also added simple animations that occurs when you attach a file. The effects provide confidence throughout the entire attachment process, with individual visual cues at each step: adding a file, file is loading, file loaded, and file successfully (or unsuccessfully) attached to the message. The feature is one of those little details that you might not notice at first, but couldn’t imagine living without once you have.

Additionally, if you’re sending a rare attachment (a .mpeg file for example), we might not have a color-coordinated icon for it yet. Nevertheless, our system will correctly identify the file type and tag it in a neutral, standard color. We will continue adding color-coordinated icons over time to account for these rarer file types.