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April 25, 2024

Updated Compose Editor

Drafting, editing, and sending messages have been in need of a redesign for quite some time, so we rebuilt the compose editor from the ground up. In addition to redesigning the editor experience, we also added the option to open the compose editor as a full-screen page. This new option removes distractions and increases focus, perfect for drafting longer messages or creating multiple drafts.

Keyboard shortcuts have also been added throughout the entire editor experience. You can expand / minimize the compose editor by pressing Ctrl Shift F, show / hide the "CC BCC" rows by pressing Command Shift B, and toggle through the input sections of the compose modal using using Tab and Shift Tab making it even faster to draft and send messages.

April 16, 2024


Labels are now live! You can add a label to a conversation by pressing L, selecting “Add Labels” in the command menu, opening the right click menu, or accessing the more options menu. You can even type the name of an individual label directly into the command menu to find a specific label quicker. You can remove a label from a conversation by pressing Shift L, selecting "Remove Label" or “Change Labels” from the command menu, opening the right click menu, or accessing the more options menu.

We also added individual pages for each of your labels, so you can quickly find any conversation associated with an individual label. To open conversations with a specific label attached to them, you can select “Open Label” in the command menu and select a specific label, type the name of an individual label directly into the command menu, or visit the new labels page in settings. Finally, you can create a new label via the command menu or within settings in the new "Labels" page.

April 3, 2024

Upgraded Command Menu

Meet the new and improved command menu. The initial version enabled virtually every action in the application to be performed via keyboard or natural language. But, we wanted to add even more functionality, while also making it easier to find what you’re looking for. We accomplished this by grouping nested-commands underneath primary commands, while ensuring that nested commands remain directly actionable if searched. For example, a user can now search for “Profile” which is a nested command within “Account Settings” and execute it directly. Or, they can search for “Settings,” access the “Account Settings” nested menu, and then select “Profile” within that nested menu. Once you experience the change, you'll immediately realize what a huge change this is. It’s never been easier to use the command menu.

March 21, 2024

Bug Bash

For the past month, we’ve been working on a team-wide bug bash. The progress has been incredible to witness, and we're so excited at all the improvements we shipped. Generally, small fixes and changes are not significant enough to be featured in our releases. However, since this entire update is about bugs, we've outlined most of the individual updates in the below “Changelog."

Focusing exclusively on improving existing features has been such a success, that we're now planning another similar "bash" dedicated solely to performance. We'll likely post a similar release, so stay tuned.

February 26, 2024

Help Center

Need help? We’ve got you covered. Within the new help center, we’ve added embedded pages and links to a new keyboard shortcut cheat sheet, settings, our releases so you can see what’s new, and direct contact support links to report a problem, ask a question, or suggest an idea. As we release new features, we will continue to add links and content to the help center. Our goal is for it to be the single hub for all things documentation, help, and support.

You can open the help center by pressing ?, selecting “Open Help Center” in the command menu, or via the new account, settings, and support dropdown menu (which can be opened by clicking on your name / email address at the top of the left sidebar).

February 23, 2024

Contact Support Form

We love hearing from users, and with this release, we’re making it much easier for you to contact us. We’ve added a new contact support form, which has options to report a problem, ask a question, or suggest an idea. We even provided placeholder prompts for each option, so no matter what you’re contacting us about, it’s clear how best to frame your message. We aren't able to reply to every submission we receive, but we do read and thoughtfully consider each inbound message.

You can access the contact support form directly via the command menu by searching “Help,” “Contact Support,” or the individual form you’re looking for such as “Report Problem” or “Suggest Idea.” We will be adding additional ways to access the contact support form in our next release.

February 21, 2024

File Viewer

Our file viewer took much longer to build than we initially estimated. We assumed we’d use the native preview PDF functionality found in most applications, but it didn’t feel up to our quality standards when we tried it. So, we built a fully custom file viewer with native-but-better functionality. It’s got all the basics, and then some; zoom in, zoom out, fit to width, reset zoom, find in file, and of course, keyboard shortcuts. It looks great and feels even better to use.

While viewing a file you can: find specific content by pressing Command F or by clicking the search icon, print the document with Command P or by clicking the printer icon, download the file by clicking the download file icon, or open the file in a new tab via the more options button. To exit a file, press Esc or click the back button located at the top left of the viewer. Zoom options and the page number selector are conveniently located at the bottom center of the viewer, exactly where you'd expect them to be.

February 16, 2024

Right Sidebar

This is a BIG update. We’ve added a right sidebar to the user interface. The new sidebar acts as a dynamic heads-up display for the currently selected (or opened) conversation. It shows the sender’s avatar, name, email address, previous conversations, and website link. There’s also a button to refer the sender, which we hope you’ll use (a lot).

The right sidebar is currently hidden by default (subject to change), but you can show or hide it by pressing ], selecting “Show Right Sidebar” or “Hide Right Sidebar” in the command menu, or by clicking on the new right sidebar icon at the top right of the application.

We’ve found the new sidebar to be incredibly helpful for scanning high-level details about a specific sender. But, for those who prefer minimalism, you can choose to keep the right sidebar hidden. You can also hide the left sidebar by pressing [, or selecting "Hide Left Sidebar" in the command menu for a focus-centric interface.

February 13, 2024

View Options Menu

Introducing: customizable UI. With our new view options menu, you can now alter a conversation’s appearance, grouping, and properties. The customization options are quite extensive, and allow you to: emphasize or deemphasize unread conversations, group (or ungroup) conversations by various time periods, and even show or hide core conversation attributes such as the sender, description, date, and more.

You can access the view options menu by pressing V while in your inbox, selecting “Show View Options” in the command menu, or by clicking on the new settings-like icon located at the top right of your inbox.

Finally, your selections persist after you close the current window or refresh the page, so once you set your view it will remain that way until you change it. It's never been easier to make your inbox your own.

February 7, 2024

Slash Commands

The forward slash key / now operates as a shortcut to the text editor’s actions when typing. It provides an alternative method for creating lists, resizing fonts, selecting emojis, attaching files, and more. It feels immediately familiar to those who have used modern document products such as Coda, Notion, or Confluence.

To open up the slash commands, simply type /. A list of commands will immediately appear, and once you start typing the list will automatically filter down. To select a command, press enter or click on your selection.

February 6, 2024

Error State

To match our website’s delightful 404 page (that we hope you’ll never see), we now have an equally-aesthetic error detected page within our product (which we also hope you’ll never see).

Jokes aside, our new error state provides a significantly improved experience if you ever come across a breaking bug. By prompting a restart of the application when an error is encountered, and including links to sign out or contact support if the issue persists, we've ensured that even if things go wrong the next step is always clear.

February 5, 2024

Dark Mode

It’s finally here. You can now change the application theme to our brand new dark mode. We designed it from the ground up to maximize readability and low-light visibility. We think you’re going to love it.

With this addition, you now have option to select light mode, dark mode, or system preference which will automatically switch themes based on your device settings.

February 2, 2024


Our ever-improving text editor now supports emojis! 🎊 To open up the emoji selector, simply type : followed by the emoji name, such as :rocket. Once you start typing, a list of emojis will appear, so you can even type a fragment of a name such as :rock or even :r. To add an emoji, simply press enter 🚀 or click on your selection.

We've included the full name next to each emoji (similar to Raycast’s Emoji Search). This way, you can easily find the exact emoji you’re looking for while also learning the names of new emojis as you browse. It was important to us that emojis (and entire messages) could be copied from Tatem Mail and pasted elsewhere without issue, so our emojis are fully portable and can be pasted across your other applications (such as Slack or Linear). Finally, we’ve added support for the entire current emoji collection.

We hope you 🖤 it.

January 31, 2024

Sent from Tatem Mail

To help spread the word, every message you send through Tatem Mail now includes a unique "Sent from Tatem Mail" link in your signature. In the future, you’ll earn rewards for every person who joins through this link.

January 29, 2024

Adaptive Keyboard Shortcuts

Welcome, Windows and Linux users! Now, all keyboard shortcuts, tooltips, and key references dynamically adjust based on your operating system. To achieve this, we added an intelligent platform detection system to our codebase. This functionality will allow us to deliver additional platform-specific features in the future.

January 26, 2024

Quick Look

Our new Quick Look feature is the fastest way to preview a conversation. If you hadn’t already connected the dots, it’s very similar (in name and function) to Apple’s Quicklook feature on macOS. It’s really helpful for peeking into a conversation without even having to open it. In fact, Quick Look is perfect for deciding if a message is even worth opening at all. Oftentimes, we know whether a message belongs in spam or trash based on the sender or subject alone, but you want to confirm just in case. For those moments, Quick Look is a huge timesaver.

We think it’s a brilliant little feature. You can open Quick Look by pressing and holding Space (it will disappear once you let go), or you can indefinitely open it by quickly clicking Space (tapping Space again will close it).

January 25, 2024

Keyboard Navigation in Dropdown Menus

You can now navigate dropdown menus via your keyboard. Simply open a dropdown (such as the right-click menu or the more options dropdown menu) and press or on your keyboard. The keyboard focus will initially move to the top row of the dropdown. From there, a user can move , make a selection by pressing Enter, move into sub-menus by pressing →, and then move back to the primary menu by pressing .

January 22, 2024

Message Details Drawer

There is now a drawer which can be opened on every message which includes who the message is from, who the message is to, any cc / bcc recipients, and the date (timestamp) the message was received. The drawer can be opened by clicking on the new expand button next to the sender’s name, or by pressing Command Shift O (you can also close the drawer with the same shortcut). This update makes it much faster to quickly open the drawer, check the details of a message, and then close the drawer once you're done.

January 19, 2024

Markdown Support

We now support most Markdown inputs in our text editor. Just enter the Markdown input via your keyboard, and it will automatically be converted into rich text. While we recently released our floating text editor toolbar which appears after you highlight a word or phrase, we wanted to provide flexibility so you can type how you want to. Below are the Markdown inputs we currently support:

January 15, 2024

New Text Editor Inputs

We’ve made some minor changes to our text editor to accommodate additional text-based inputs. Now, a user can create short and long arrows simply by pressing -> <- or --> <-- followed by Space. Similarly, a user can now create a longer dash by pressing followed by Space. While these are small improvements, we’re constantly working to create a text editor that handles every input you throw at it, the way you expect it to. That’s the perfect typing experience in our view. We may never achieve that milestone, but we’ll never stop trying. And, even if it’s not truly “perfect,” we’re confident we can deliver the best typing experience available. More text editor updates to come.

January 9, 2024

Bulk Actions Toolbar

While it’s been possible to select a thread since our earliest version of the product, we now have added a bulk actions toolbar that shows how many threads are currently selected, and then allows you to action multiple threads simultaneously.

As a refresher, you can select a thread by pressing: X, Shift + / , or Shift + Click.

January 4, 2024

Ability to Show and Hide Previous Message History (Trimmed Content)

There is now a quicker way to open and close the previous message history (aka “trimmed content”). We’ve provided a responsive, intuitive button for mouse users. And, for those who prefer their keyboard, they can simply press O to open the previous message history, and press O again to close the message history.

Pressing O can also be used to enter threads and expand collapsed messages (or collapse expanded messages) in a thread. While building this feature, we decided that O should represent “open” and do a bit more than just open / close the message history. So, now it essentially acts as a universal open button.

December 29, 2023

Right Click Menu

In keeping with our philosophy of providing an equally incredible user experience for both mouse and keyboard input, we’ve added a new menu that can be accessed by right click on any thread. Users can now action threads, copy important information (such as the subject or sender’s address), or open the command menu with that thread selected. This is a big improvement for users who prefer their mouse as it helps them get where they want to go faster.

December 22, 2023

Updated More Options Menu (3-Dot Dropdown)

The primary more options menu for each thread / message has now been updated to include additional options. Now, we allow you to take every action available directly from the more options menu. For example, you can now archive the message, delete it, mark it as spam... Even though we provide the ability to take many of these actions elsewhere, we wanted to provide a singular location for all actions for those who prefer their mouse. While we also provide an option to open the command menu directly from the more options menu, it’s quicker to access the most commonly-used actions directly. Tangentially related, we’ve added keyboard shortcut tooltips to the more options menu to quickly learn the basic keyboard shortcuts. Finally, hovering upon the more options menu now prompts a “More” tooltip to provide new users with quick context.

December 18, 2023

Visual Tags for Archived, Spam, and Trash Messages

For messages and threads that have been archived, marked as spam, or moved to trash, we wanted to provide a clear visual indication for the state of each message. So, we’ve added tags for: “Archived,” “Spam,” and “Trash.” Along with each of these tags is a matching restore button: “Restore from Archive,” “Mark Not Spam,” and “Restore from Trash.” We’ve found this system to be really helpful as there is now always clear context when opening or viewing a message or thread. You never need to wonder where that message is in your inbox, as we provide the answer clearly by default.

December 13, 2023

Toast Notifications

Toasts have been added throughout the product to provide confidence when actions are triggered, and to ensure a modern, interactive experience. If you hover upon a toast, you can click the "x" that will appear upon hover to make the toast disappear. And, for certain toasts, there are interactive elements (such as links) directly embedded in the toast itself so a user can easily see the link that was copied, and then visit that link with a single click if they so choose. We will continue to add toasts for all relevant features we ship moving forward, but for now here are the actions that generate a toast message:

December 5, 2023

Hyperlink Submenu

Links now have a home in Tatem. While we shipped basic hyperlink functionality along with the text editor a couple weeks ago, we wanted to double down and ensure that the process of creating, copying, clicking, or removing a link was as seamless as the rest of the text editor. So, we went ahead and built out a dynamic hyperlink submenu for the text editor which has a state for entering links, but also a state for viewing and interacting with previously-created links. This second, interactive state makes editing, visiting, copying, or removing a link truly delightful.

November 28, 2023

Text Editor Submenus with Keyboard Navigation

Something we intended to ship with the Text Editor release (but didn’t quite make it due to some pesky bugs) was our text editor submenus. Thankfully, they’re now ready for primetime. Now, you can quickly navigate into the text editor's submenus to highlight, color, or resize text. And, you can do so via your keyboard if you so choose. Simply press the appropriate keyboard shortcut to open the submenu, press Enter, use your arrow keys to move / , make a selection by pressing Enter again, or return to the main text editor menu by pressing Esc. It’s intuitive, fast, and feels great - we can’t wait for you to try it.

November 22, 2023

Text Editor

Typing is one of the most critical parts of any interactive software application. And, for a productivity application, it’s even more important. Typing needs to just feel right. Due to this, we’ve been working for several weeks to ensure that we have a truly intuitive and seamless text editor. As always, we want it to be equally delightful for mouse users and keyboard users. Below is the list of native keyboard shortcuts we've added to the editor (full Markdown support will also be coming at a later date):

November 16, 2023

Copy Subject and Sender's Address Keyboard Shortcuts

Two new keyboard shortcuts have been added. The first is the ability to copy the subject of a thread or message by pressing Command Shift . The second is the ability to copy the sender’s address by pressing Command Shift ..

We’ve found both of these shortcuts to be huge time savers ourselves when responding to the significant number of messages we receive, adding followups as tasks in our project management platform, or adding notes to our CRM for a specific relationship. One stroke to copy, one stroke to paste.

November 9, 2023

Attachment Icons

We’ve added beautiful (if we don’t say so ourselves), color-coordinated icons for commonly-sent attachments. This way, you can immediately decipher what type of file is attached to a message. We’ve also added simple animations that occurs when you attach a file. The effects provide confidence throughout the entire attachment process, with individual visual cues at each step: adding a file, file is loading, file loaded, and file successfully (or unsuccessfully) attached to the message. The feature is one of those little details that you might not notice at first, but couldn’t imagine living without once you have.

Additionally, if you’re sending a rare attachment (a .mpeg file for example), we might not have a color-coordinated icon for it yet. Nevertheless, our system will correctly identify the file type and tag it in a neutral, standard color. We will continue adding color-coordinated icons over time to account for these rarer file types.

November 3, 2023

Responsive Web Application

Our web application is now fully responsive and scales across screen sizes. Tatem now feels great on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. One of the best results of this is that it’s now possible (for the first time ever given that we are the first fully responsive web-based email client) to keep a narrow window with your inbox open on your desktop, while preserving the remainder of your screen for whatever core task you are focused on. We didn’t cut corners or remove functionality for the tablet / smartphone experience, which means that the entire application and all functionality adjusts to the screen size you’re using. We’re committed to providing a fluid web experience, and will continue to iterate and improve on this in future releases.

October 30, 2023


Upon essentially every button in Tatem, there is now a tooltip that highlights the name of the button, action being performed, and keyboard shortcut for that action (if one exists, which they almost always do). Tooltips immediately become visible upon hover via mouse or keyboard. It was important to us that these appear, and disappear, instantly. That way, they quickly show actionable context for those who want to take advantage of them, while simultaneously remaining inconspicuous to those who don’t need them to navigate the application.

October 20, 2023

Keyboard Navigation in Left Sidebar

One of the big reasons we prioritized shipping the new left sidebar design last week was to make way for full keyboard-friendly navigation within the sidebar. Now, a user can press and quickly make their way into the left sidebar if they choose. There, they can use the and arrow keys to navigate across every option in the left sidebar, and press Enter to select one. To return to the primary view, they can simply press to navigate back to the primary content.

October 16, 2023

Show or Hide Left Sidebar

You can now choose to hide the left sidebar by clicking the edge or by pressing [. Once hidden, you can press [ to re-open it or click the sidebar icon that appears at the top left when the sidebar is closed. This is helpful for those looking to minimize distractions and / or take full advantage of their screen real estate.

October 11, 2023

Updated Left Sidebar Design

The left sidebar has been redesigned to minimize the amount of screen real estate it takes up. The biggest change aside from the size, is the addition of the “Search” button directly in the sidebar. We did this to help new users immediately feel comfortable in Tatem as the two core action buttons, Compose and Search, are now front and center. Finally, we’ve moved the logo to the bottom of the page as we found it was unnecessarily emphasized. Now, your account information has taken its place at the top of the sidebar. Don't worry though, the the Tatem logo has retained its functionality. Clicking it will still return home.

October 3, 2023

Keyboard Navigation

We believe that you should get to choose how you interact with Tatem. The experience should be incredible whether you want to use your mouse or keyboard. This is especially important as the reality is that most of us utilize a mix of both mouse and keyboard input.

As a result of this goal, we’re pleased to announce that our entire product is now keyboard friendly. Below, we’ve outlined just a couple of the keyboard shortcuts we support. We consciously selected shortcuts you’re already familiar with from other modern productivity applications. So, you should feel right at home in Tatem. And, if Tatem is your first such application, they're really easy to pick up.

To view all keyboard shortcuts, simply press ? within the Tatem Mail application.


September 28, 2023

Gmail Support

Initially, Tatem Mail will sit on top of your Gmail account. This means you’re already set to use Tatem if you have a Gmail account, or if your employer / business utilizes Gmail to power your work email address. And, if you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can easily sign up for a free one at and then use that to sign in to Tatem.

One significant benefit to this initial approach is that our commitment to privacy and security is simplified. We don’t store your password, emails, or payment information in our database. In fact, your data doesn't even touch our database.

September 22, 2023

Affiliate Program

Meet the internet’s best Affiliate program. Here’s how it works: you earn real recurring income for each successful Tatem referral you make. As long as your referrals continue using Tatem, you continue earning, month after month.

The best part? You choose how to share your Tatem link. You can tell your existing audience about us, promote Tatem on social media, encourage your offline friends to give Tatem a try, or get creative by experimenting with new methods. And, to ensure you receive proper attribution (and income) for each and every signup, we built our entire affiliate engine in-house to guarantee accuracy.

There’s never been an easier way to earn than with Tatem.

September 7, 2023


As the saying goes, it takes a village (to build a business). Tatem wouldn’t exist without the help of our early supporters, testers, and users. Our Credits are a small way to say thank you to all who have helped thus far, and all who will lend a hand in the days to come. Don’t worry if your name's not on the list, there’s still plenty of time to earn your spot.

August 25, 2023


At Tatem, we never miss an opportunity to build something that brings joy and delight. Every detail matters to us, even if only web crawlers and lost internet explorers will see it. See for yourself.

August 16, 2023

Our Story

Read the Tatem Story. Become a part of the chapters yet to be written. Make a mark on history. Or, at the very least, make a mark on our history.

August 7, 2023

Release 03

We’ve added a beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) welcome email which is sent to every new addition to our waitlist upon sign up. While a small update in the grand scheme of things, it’s exciting as it’s our first official Tatem email. And, as you might have guessed, email is rather important to us at Tatem.

Also, there are now individual Contact pages for Sales, Support, and Press. We added these to provide official channels for interested parties to reach out to us, tailored to the type of enquiry. As always, reaching out to us at works just fine.

August 3, 2023

Release 02

For every page on Tatem, we’ve designed individual metadata images (and copy), which is a fun touch that you’ll notice when sharing links to any of our pages. At Tatem, we believe it’s the little details that make a product beautiful.

Additionally, we’ve also created our first two easter eggs. You’ll be able to spot the first one on the homepage by hovering over our logo. The second one is significantly harder to find (hint: take a peek behind the scenes at the hard work we’re putting in to build Tatem). We hope you enjoy these little touches as much as we do (spoiler: we love them), as these will be the first of many.

July 26, 2023

Release 01

We’re excited to share our first official release with the world! It’s a significant push that has been several weeks in the making. It includes the first end-to-end version of our marketing product. We’re ecstatic to introduce Tatem Mail, the world’s most intelligent email management platform.

For our first release, we’ve publicly shipped the following pages: Home, About, Culture, Brand, Writing, Releases, Pricing, Blog, Careers, Drops, Request Access, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, and 404 (yes, we’ve even made our error page a delightful experience).

Moving forward, we’ll be publishing regular releases to highlight new features, improvements, and updates as we roll them out. We ship often and iterate quickly, so follow along to get a front row seat as we build Tatem!