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January 27, 2023
Release 22

New Marketing Pages

Our full marketing page redesign solved two big problems for us. First, our website is objectively better and has been a huge hit with everyone we’ve gotten feedback from. Second, we’re finally not ashamed to tell our friends and family that we work at Tatem. The prior website was so non-representative of our brand, product, and vision, that we would cringe whenever someone we knew asked for a link to Tatem. This week, we’re expanding on our redesigned website by launching several new marketing pages:

  1. Beliefs: Check out our team’s beliefs on the future of software, how to build a business (or anything really), and what a high-performance culture looks like.

  2. Brand: For the first time ever, we’re publicly sharing the inspiration for our name and logo!

  3. Writing: We’ve provided an overview of how we write at Tatem. It’s such a big part of our brand and strategy that we thought our copywriting deserved its own page.

  4. Careers: We’re not actively hiring for any roles at the moment, but be sure to check back regularly for opportunities to join our team.

  5. About: Learn about our vision, team, culture, history, and more. For all things Tatem, now and in the future, visit our about page.


  • Fixed numerous visual inconsistencies throughout the updated marketing pages

  • Deleted our contact and press pages as the information was redundant due to our new About and Brand pages

January 20, 2023
Release 21

Updated Marketing Pages

They. are. finally. here. Tatem’s revamped marketing pages are now live. For the past month, we stopped shipping weekly updates and releases to our public website as we worked to fully redesign our external website. To be honest, we've been rather ashamed of our initial marketing pages. They served their purpose, helping us to gain early learnings, but our website certainly did not represent the brand we are building. That said, it’s never too early to launch but it can definitely be too late. So, thank you though for sticking with us through the earliest of days. We hope you love Tatem’s new website as much as we do.

January 13, 2023
Release 20

Navigation Visual Feedback

Previously, if a user navigated Tatem via arrow keys and added one of the tasks to the multi-select list by pressing “X” on their keyboard, the task would be highlighted in a light shade of blue. However, if they continued to navigate via arrow keys and selected other tasks this way, the user would no longer be able to determine which task was currently selected. To fix this, we've added navigation-specific visual feedback throughout the entire product. Now, there is a monochromatic line that outlines wherever the cursor is.

Updated Multi-Select Modal

The multi-select modal has been visually updated, and now includes added functionality for a user to change the associated project for multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, now a user can press the “Command” button on the multi-select modal or press “Command + K” via their keyboard when multiple tasks are selected for bulk actions such as changing assignee, priority, or status.

January 6, 2023
Release 19

Empty Page Tutorials

One large piece of feedback we’ve received is that users new to Tatem are unclear what to do when going to certain pages in our product for the first time. To solve this, we've now added tutorial messages to empty pages. This way, new and existing users alike will always know exactly what they should do next. Now, if a user accesses any page within Tatem, and there is no content, there is a clear message explaining what the page is and what they should (or could) do next. Simplicity is a core value for us, and we’re constantly working to make software that is as powerful as it is approachable.

Updated Modals

We've changed the styling of all modals throughout the product. Now, all modals have a beautiful frosted background which covers everything behind the modal, while still providing a glimpse of the product behind. The copy on all modals has also been updated to be more consistent with the rest of our product marketing.

Grouped Tags

Tags have been grouped together into editable buckets. Previously, there was no way to relate tags to one another. Now, users can select, edit, and/or create tag options directly within the “Add Tags” dropdown. Selecting a tag (or tags) to add to a task has also been greatly simplified as the revised dropdown now presents a clear hierarchy of tag groups → individual tags. As an added bonus, it’s now possible to add multiple tags to a single task. After selecting a tag, the “Add Tags” dropdown re-appears to add another tag.

Back Button

We’ve added a back button throughout the product that appears when it’s needed, and hides when it’s not. It’s minimal, beautiful, and provides an incredible experience for navigating Tatem, especially to those who are new to our product. Give it a try!

December 30, 2022
Release 18

Full Redesign

Without further ado, we are pleased to present the first (public) iteration of Tatem! It’s impossible to individually list out each item that was changed as every portion of the product has now been visually updated. So, go take take a look at the product instead and let us know what you think! Below we'll highlight a couple standouts.

Create Task Modal

There is now a separate modal, and entire experience, for creating tasks. Previously, when a user clicked “Create Task,” the entire task modal would open. Now, a “quick view” create task modal opens which only includes functionality relevant to creating a new task. This provides a cleaner, simpler, and faster experience.

Updated Task modal

The task modal itself has been completely redesigned. It is now a half-screen modal which is uniform throughout the product (when opening an existing task in list view, grid view, or within the notifications page for example, the same task modal opens everywhere). Additionally, there are now fewer buttons and dropdowns to make navigating a task more intuitive. Finally, we’ve also embedded even more keyboard shortcuts into tasks. Users can now enjoy navigating tasks entirely via keyboard.

Left Navigation Menu

The left navigation panel has been completely restructured in terms of both functionality and design. We once again reduced the number of links to further simplify our product, and also majorly overhauled the design.

Projects and Teams Pages

One of the most noticeable updates we’ve made is to Tatem’s Teams and Projects pages. The layout was completely restructured, with a few entirely new additions (like project status, for instance), and the design has been entirely redone as well. One of the largest experience upgrades is to how users are invited. Instead of having to add new workspace members first to the workspace and then again to a team or project, members can now be conveniently added directly to a team or project.

Settings Pages

Last but not least, all settings-related pages have been completely overhauled. The layout is much more intuitive and each sub-page is organized to provide clarity on where to find certain settings or options (e.g. “Appearance” and “Customization” have been separated into individual tabs. The former is dedicated to visual appearance settings related for an individual user's Tatem instance, and the latter is dedicated to customization settings for an entire organization's workspace. Within the new “Billing” page, usage metrics are now visible which bring added clarity to pricing and upgrades.

December 23, 2022
Release 17

Notifications 2.0

Our team has been hard at work re-building notifications from the ground up. Notifications now have their own, individual page (section) listed in the left-navigation panel. We’ve made the notifications page look, and function, very similarly to tasks so that it’s only necessary for users to learn a single behavior for navigating objects in Tatem. Arrow key navigation, enter to open, J / K navigation to move down / up while a task is open, and escape to close all work for notifications, just like tasks. This is an enormous UX improvement for a core portion of our product. That said, we weren't able to include everything we wanted to in this update, so expect to see another update to notifications in the coming weeks.

December 16, 2022
Release 16

Revised Tooltip Styling

Keyboard navigation is a central pillar of our product, and we continue to dedicate time to adding functionality for those who are interested in moving through Tatem as fast as possible, or simply prefer their keyboard to their mouse. To make it easier for new users to find, learn, and use shortcuts, we have upgraded all tooltips throughout the product. It is now very clear whether an item has a shortcut, what that shortcut does, and how to activate that shortcut via keyboard.

Dynamic Task Updates

Tasks are now updated across Tatem in real-time! Comments, status changes, task edits, and anything else task related will now be immediately updated for other members of a workspace. This is a huge upgrade! For example, it is now possible for two workspace members to have a concurrent conversation within a task’s comment section.

Custom Task Views

Users can now specify which task items they would like to see while browsing tasks in list or grid view. For example, if an individual doesn’t use or find value in seeing task numbers or labels, they can hide those items from their view.  And, in a matter of seconds, they can re-add them if they choose.

December 9, 2022
Release 15

Floating Text Editor

As we continue to simplify Tatem’s UI, we’ve removed the always-visible text editor from both the description and comment sections. We’ve replaced the fixed rich text editor with a minimalist floating editor in keeping with our new, more modern aesthetic. The floating text editor now opens upon highlighting text (via mouse or keyboard).

Updated Dropdowns

We’ve updated both the appearance and functionality of dropdowns throughout the product. From a design standpoint, the appearance has been updated in keeping with the rest of our product. From a functionality perspective, we’ve made all dropdowns navigable via keyboard.

Sort by Task Number

After recently adding task numbers to Tatem, we now are including the ability to sort tasks by their respective task number for added convenience. This way, teams using task numbers as a reference point can adjust their views accordingly.

December 2, 2022
Release 14

Updated Brand Assets (Logo, Wordmark, Favicon, and Colors)

We have made a small, but nonetheless exciting change: updating all Tatem brand assets. Our logo, wordmark, and favicon have all been updated with a more modern and streamlined style. The two objects in our logo have also been re-ordered to better emphasize our logo, which will now be used on its own within our marketing materials and product to represent our brand. Finally, our brand colors have been been greatly refined. Tatem is now primarily monochromatic.

We’re happy to share that new keyboard shortcuts have been added since our last update.

  • Arrow keys now work to seamlessly move between tasks

  • J / K now move down or up within a list (or grid) of tasks. These shortcuts work while a user has a task open as well, and will open the task below or above the currently open task when pressed

  • We’ve added shortcuts for the Sort (S), Filter (F), and View (V) dropdowns to make accessing those dropdown menus faster and available to those who prefer keyboard-only navigation

  • To make it easier to learn new shortcuts or recall existing ones, we’ve put together Keyboard Shortcuts Guide which list all shortcuts throughout our product. It can be accessed by opening the resources menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen (Shift /), and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts. It can also be opened directly by pressing Shift K

November 24, 2022
Release 13

Mentions and Task Numbers

The @ dropdown menu was one of the first features we built, and it was definitely in need of a refresh. Now, when a user enters the @ symbol within the description or comment section of a task, it opens a simple menu which includes both users and tasks to mention (reference). Users can navigate the menu with both their mouse or keyboard, and the interactions have been updated to ensure a quick and responsive experience.

Task numbers have been requested by several users, and they are now live! Tasks created outside of a team are labeled with the first letter of the workspace name and then a 3-digit identifier. As an example, the first task created in our Tatem workspace was: T-001. Tasks created within a team are labeled with the first three letters of the team name and then a 3-digit identifier. For example, the first task created in our Tatem team was: TAT-001.


  • Fixed a bug which incorrectly showed previously removed users as available Collaborators

  • Implemented several improvements to keyboard shortcuts

  • Made a small change to how keyboard navigation works within board view

  • Corrected several minor issues that arose when navigating tasks via keyboard