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March 17, 2023
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Notifications 3.0

2 releases in 2 days? You better believe it. Notifications 3.0 is here, and it’s a huge improvement over our prior iteration. Notifications are now split into unread and read. Users can press tab or shift tab to move between the split inboxes, replicating the functionality we have for moving between task status splits. Unread notifications are visually differentiated from read notifications by a dot indicator on the left side, which will be familiar to Superhuman users. To make the process of viewing unread notifications smooth and seamless, there’s a trigger which prevents notifications from moving to read from unread until the user moves to a new notification split or reloads the page.


  • Reduced the loading time when a user opens the notifications page

  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from commenting on tasks within the notifications page

  • Squashed a bug which impacted new task creation for some users

March 16, 2023
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URL Paths

Say goodbye to scary-looking Tatem URLs with long, random, unique ids. Today, we’re excited to launch completely overhauled URL paths, which clearly indicate: the workspace a user is in, where a user is at in the product, and which task a user is viewing.

As an example, a hypothetical task URL is now: app.tatem.com/workspace/tasks/task-number/task-name. Not only does this make product navigation much clearer for all users, but sharing task links with your team (or other collaborators) is now 10x better as well.

Finally, to make this possible, each workspace name is now unique and selected during onboarding. Time to claim your Tatem workspace!


  • Added a new button and accompanying modal which allows users to browse and join teams within their workspace

  • Updated tooltip styling across both light and dark mode

  • Created new keyboard shortcut tooltips for the top row of the task modal

  • Included several fixes to workspace and team permissions

  • Fixed a handful of bugs which impacted notifications

March 3, 2023
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Performance Improvements

This past week, we spent most of our energy making small performance improvements, squashing bugs, and improving Tatem’s core user experience. There are still some rough edges within the product, but we’re hard at work creating a seamless, magical experience.


  • Fixed the bugs resulting from last week’s upgrade to React 18 as the switch caused numerous breaking changes

  • Improved pagination within notifications, which increased the speed of browsing for long lists of notifications

  • Updated the drag-select feature, which has been a bit buggy over the past week since switching to React 18

  • Fixed header alignment, making a 1px adjustment to the sidebar header to ensure a lineup with the main page header

  • Updated the styling of the code snippet and color picker for custom categories

  • Fixed the disappearing archive button so that it correctly shows on the status row

  • Updated notification tooltips so that they’re no longer cut off by the divider

  • Removed the ‘Trash’ status bucket as the associated code no longer exists

  • Fixed the bug causing the three-dot dropdown layering that hid the row in list view

  • Fixed a bug that hindered users from pressing ‘Enter’ or ‘Escape’ within dropdowns

  • Enabled users to highlight a task using ‘X’

  • Removed a line separator visual flaw on the projects page on staging

  • Fixed a regression which caused visual flaws to scrollbars within dropdowns

  • Fixed the bug that caused tags and calendar dropdowns to all open simultaneously instead of one-by-one

  • Made numerous style updates in addition to all the bugs we fixed

February 23, 2023
Release 26

Universal Dropdowns

We updated all dropdown menus throughout the product to new, universally styled components. This provides a much cleaner, more cohesive experience for users on Tatem. The new dropdown menu applies to: tags, tasks, sort, filter, view, quick edit, resources, task menu dropdowns, and all other dropdowns within Tatem.

Additionally, we further iterated the invite modal from last week. This continues our focus on making the process of joining and inviting members to Tatem a delightful experience.


  • Overhauled our backend to support React 18, which reduces duplicate renders and makes navigation feel more responsive

  • Disabled background scroll on mobile

  • Made quick scrolling for tasks within a project much smoother

  • Updated mini modal overview styling and positioning

  • Changed the project description container to a fixed container, as it was previously resizable

  • Gated Tatem access further by creating an access code which we can trigger to send to users once they are accepted from the waitlist

February 16, 2023
Release 25

Seamless Invitation Process

We’ve heard loud and clear from users that the process of inviting members to a workspace, team, and/or project has been a poor user experience; causing enormous complexity. In our latest update, we clarified the hierarchy of workspaces, teams, projects, and tasks within the product so that users understand the differences between these components. Further, we’ve completely redesigned each step a user takes when joining a workspace, from creating a team and adding members, to creating a project, and more! While there's still room for improvement, we’re excited to present a much more seamless invite experience for users.


  • Redesigned all buttons throughout the product

  • Fixed a bug which previously caused users to type on top of the attachment icon within the comments section of a task

  • Updated styling for the sign-in and sign-up pages

  • Corrected a small bug which impacted keyboard navigation within the status row

  • Added a cursor to checkboxes to ensure users know where they are while typing

  • Changed the line height and font type for bullet points, numbered lists, and checkboxes to ensure a consistent, seamless typing experience

February 10, 2023
Release 24


We added an archive this week, which continues our recent focus on performance. This addresses the slowdown that occurs when there are hundreds (or thousands) of tasks in a single, scrollable page. The archive solves this problem at the root cause by preventing large groups of tasks from aggregating within the “Done” or “Trash” statuses. Instead, tasks are now automatically archived 14 days after completion.

We've also removed the "Trash" status entirely. Now, after deleting a task, the task is moved into the “Recently Deleted” section of the archive. It will remain there for 14 days before being permanently deleted. To access the archive, merely go to the status bar and click on the trash can icon which has a tooltip clearly labeling it as the “Archive.”


  • Reduced lag that occurred when opening a task from the task’s URL

  • Fixed visual bug that impacted the icons within the left navigation menu

  • Updated the empty state informational copy within a task’s comments to “Enter comment here or drag / drop a file to upload...”

  • Squashed several bugs which impacted selecting tasks using the cursor

February 3, 2023
Release 23

Performance 1.0

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we've heard from users is that they care about speed. Outside of telling us how much they dislike the clutter, confusing UX, and ugly design of other project management platforms, the next most common complaint is that they hate how slow their current solutions are. We agree wholeheartedly. Lag and unresponsive pages are not acceptable in our opinion. So, we've gone through our product and ensured there are NO loading screens or loading states, anywhere, outside of initial login. This is all done to guarantee that users never have to wait or experience lag while using Tatem.

To deliver this experience, we've focused on making every interaction in Tatem <100ms (the speed at which interactions feel instantaneous to the human eye is 100ms). We've had to re-architect much of our product to accomplish this. One large change that we've made is to locally cache a large portion of the data in a user's workspace to deliver a lightning fast experience. Over the next several weeks we will continue to focus on performance as we tackle:

  • Caching additional portions of the product

  • Adding pagination to larger lists of objects to make navigating large lists of tasks buttery smooth

  • Refactoring additional components

  • Making further architectural changes

Making Tatem fast is a core part of our vision. We don't believe project management software has to be ugly, slow, and complex. We believe it can be beautiful, fast, and easy-to-use. We're building brilliant software - software that we want to use ourselves.

January 27, 2023
Release 22

New Marketing Pages

Our full marketing page redesign solved two big problems for us. First, our website is objectively better and has been a huge hit with everyone we’ve gotten feedback from. Second, we’re finally not ashamed to tell our friends and family that we work at Tatem. The prior website was so non-representative of our brand, product, and vision, that we would cringe whenever someone we knew asked for a link to Tatem. This week, we’re expanding on our redesigned website by launching several new marketing pages:

  1. Beliefs: Check out our team’s beliefs on the future of software, how to build a business (or anything really), and what a high-performance culture looks like.

  2. Brand: For the first time ever, we’re publicly sharing the inspiration for our name and logo!

  3. Writing: We’ve provided an overview of how we write at Tatem. It’s such a big part of our brand and strategy that we thought our copywriting deserved its own page.

  4. Careers: We’re not actively hiring for any roles at the moment, but be sure to check back regularly for opportunities to join our team.

  5. About: Learn about our vision, team, culture, history, and more. For all things Tatem, now and in the future, visit our about page.


  • Fixed numerous visual inconsistencies throughout the updated marketing pages

  • Deleted our contact and press pages as the information was redundant due to our new About and Brand pages

January 20, 2023
Release 21

Updated Marketing Pages

They. are. finally. here. Tatem’s revamped marketing pages are now live. For the past month, we stopped shipping weekly updates and releases to our public website as we worked to fully redesign our external website. To be honest, we've been rather ashamed of our initial marketing pages. They served their purpose, helping us to gain early learnings, but our website certainly did not represent the brand we are building. That said, it’s never too early to launch but it can definitely be too late. So, thank you though for sticking with us through the earliest of days. We hope you love Tatem’s new website as much as we do.

January 13, 2023
Release 20

Navigation Visual Feedback

Previously, if a user navigated Tatem via arrow keys and added one of the tasks to the multi-select list by pressing “X” on their keyboard, the task would be highlighted in a light shade of blue. However, if they continued to navigate via arrow keys and selected other tasks this way, the user would no longer be able to determine which task was currently selected. To fix this, we've added navigation-specific visual feedback throughout the entire product. Now, there is a monochromatic line that outlines wherever the cursor is.

Updated Multi-Select Modal

The multi-select modal has been visually updated, and now includes added functionality for a user to change the associated project for multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, now a user can press the “Command” button on the multi-select modal or press “Command + K” via their keyboard when multiple tasks are selected for bulk actions such as changing assignee, priority, or status.