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At Tatem, we’re driven by core beliefs for what software can, should, and will be. These beliefs impact every decision we make. Rather than keeping our beliefs private, we wanted to share them with you (our believers).
We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is a step function improvement for all software products, especially productivity software. For work, AI is already the largest innovation since cloud-based infrastructure made real-time collaboration possible, but it will go on to become the largest innovation of our lifetime. AI will fundamentally change the way humans work: automatically drafted email replies, intelligently triaged customer support tickets, fully automated outbound sales processes, tasks that are automatically tagged, prioritized, and assigned. AI will revolutionize entire categories of stagnant workplace software.
We believe that businesses are shifting towards metric-driven employee management. With a growing percentage of human work being completed online (on a computer), the process of “coming to work” or “face time” has gone the way of the dinosaur. This has led to the advent of remote and hybrid work environments, which are here to stay. Businesses now need a new system for measuring employee output and execution. For this to occur, there must be a way to objectively measure an employee’s output.
We believe that context switching kills productivity. Put differently, a single, integrated software product leads to increased output. Software bloat is a real problem which costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per employee per month. Worse, the complexity of learning, integrating, and navigating between multiple platforms wastes hours of employees’ valuable time each day. This is inefficient. A vertically integrated solution can solve these issues by natively tackling every problem in a work flow. Further, the data framework that the software product collects can then be used to create entirely new products and features which are not otherwise possible. The resulting product will eventually achieve a 10x
We believe software products used at work should be beautiful and delightful to use. They should be inspired by art, nature, and video games. They should be inspiring, human, and fun. People should love these products, not tolerate them. These software products should be inherently intuitive, not complex and confusing. They should be easy to learn, for everyone, while providing incredible depth for those who demand it. They should feel intentionally designed for each user, so people can highlight what they want to see, and hide what they don’t. Software should “just work.”
We believe that to succeed, new software products need to be better, faster, and cheaper than incumbent solutions.
Small Steps
We believe innovation in software is more subtle than people assume. Revolutionary software businesses and products rarely start out in entirely new categories. The risk is enormous that people don’t want a new category of product. Instead, it’s better to start in an established category with a focus on challenging every prior assumption and reinventing the entire category of software products. “Build and wander,” and there will be enormous opportunity for innovation.