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February 21, 2024← Back to Releases

File Viewer

Our file viewer took much longer to build than we initially estimated. We assumed we’d use the native preview PDF functionality found in most applications, but it didn’t feel up to our quality standards when we tried it. So, we built a fully custom file viewer with native-but-better functionality. It’s got all the basics, and then some; zoom in, zoom out, fit to width, reset zoom, find in file, and of course, keyboard shortcuts. It looks great and feels even better to use.

While viewing a file you can: find specific content by pressing Command F or by clicking the search icon, print the document with Command P or by clicking the printer icon, download the file by clicking the download file icon, or open the file in a new tab via the more options button. To exit a file, press Esc or click the back button located at the top left of the viewer. Zoom options and the page number selector are conveniently located at the bottom center of the viewer, exactly where you'd expect them to be.